Nautilus BCP Full Cloud Based Setup

We provide new numbers (Singapore level 6) to the client and a plug and play setup., They can use IP phone, soft-phone or mobile application to access their number/extensions. There’s no need to have any separate subscription with the Telcos, Nautilus provides everything.

Plug and play

All the cloud features of Nautilus (out-of-the-box)

The key features that the Telcos can’t provide are as follows:

Auto attendant

Call routing / recordings

Time conditions

Call log reporting for accountability

Cloud features

BCP Full Cloud Based COVID Package

To help companies to cope with COVID-19, Nautilus Cloud Phone System allows your employees to work from anywhere anytime. A simple plug and play setup whereby they can answer calls, make outgoing calls using their office number. No disruption to your business operations. #COVID-proof
We provide you local landline numbers, waive off setup charges and configure your existing system (if any) to ride on our Nautilus Cloud Phone System. The 1st 3 months of cloud extension subscription will be at 50% discount.
BCP Full Cloud Based Package
License Activation $100.00 per user extension
IP Phone (if required) $5.00 per unit per month
Number Porting (if required) $100.00 per number
Cloud Extension $20.00 per user per month

* Setup charges waived
* 50% discount on your cloud extension subscription for the 1st 3 months

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