Nautilus Business Continuity –  Gateway To Cloud Phone

Nautilus are having a telephone conversion support programme whereby we upgrade your existing telephony setup to Nautilus gateway to using Nautilus cloud phone, to enable you with the following features:

Auto attendant setup

Call routing basis multi-options (eg. Press 1,2,3 – where the call goes to)

Enhanced PBX features such as call recording, call logs reporting

Hybrid cloud, able to work from home using cloud extensions

Ability to use back their existing number

Can use via IP phone, soft-phone or mobile application

It will be an upgrade from your existing setup with Nautilus while maintaining your current Telco subscriptions (ISDN/SIP/Analogue). This is a BCP initiative to help our existing clients to combat the current COVID-19 situation.

BCP Hybrid Setup COVID Package

To help companies to cope with COVID-19, our BCP programme empowers your employee to access their office numbers/extensions while working from home!
We trade-in your existing PBX unit, waive off setup charges and provide you up to 30 cloud extensions free for April, May, June 2020. Thereafter, 10 cloud extensions will be provided free till the end of your contract.
BCP Hybrid Setup Package
Package Price $150.00 per month
IP Phone (if required) $5.00 per unit per month
Hybrid Cloud Extension $10.00 per extension per month

* Setup charges waived
* 30 free cloud extensions for April, May, June 2020
* 10 free cloud extensions for 36 months period

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