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Bridging your business and cloud phone solution, we can help you collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers and your social network.

Crystal Clear Voice Quality

Nautilus Cloud Technology ensures a smooth calling experience every time.

Cloud Server

No server hardware and maintenance cost.

High Scalability

Expand to thousands of phone extensions and multiple branches with free calls.

Plug and Play Technology

No setup cost when you move office. No downtime, No re-configuration.

Complete Uptime

High reliability with multiple cloud servers around the world.

Save big on overseas calls

We offer the cheapest rate in town with most countries going at 3¢ per minute.

Always connected by Smartphone

Call from your mobile VOIP anywhere in Singapore at local Singapore call rate of 1.6¢ per minute. Your office number will be appeared as your outgoing caller ID.

Customized Auto Attendant

All incoming calls will be greeted by an automated receptionist with configurable message s in day and night.

Stay connected with Nautilus

We got the best features for your business.
Nautilus 3-in-1 Suite (IP Phone, Softphone, Mobile Application)

Cloud-based Solution

Plug & play setup; Connectivity anywhere in the world

IVR, Professional company greetings

PBX features - Caller ID, voicemail, call queue, call wait, call logs, voicemail

Call recording with playback functionality (inbound/outbound)

Daily call reports to your email (Received calls/Dialled calls/Missed calls)

Conference call with multiple people on a call at the same time

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Our Clients
We have made their communications EasierFaster

Nautilus specialise in Asterisk Technology and is the only Asterisk Certified Company accredited by Digium in Asia. We have built and integrate solutions for players such as Certis CISCO, SP Group, Pacific Light Energy, Starhub, ING Investments, Singapore Polytechnic, National University of Singapore (NUS), Propertyguru, Food Panda, Centennial Business Suite, Scania Singapore, WEGO Singapore and many more.

Empower your business with our affordable, flexible and professional cloud phone service. Experience communications without boundaries.

#Corporate Case Studies

Nautilus Cloudphone have made their communications easier and faster!

SMRT Corporation
SMRT Corporation is a multi-modal transport operator in Singapore, a subsidiary of the Government of Singapore’s Temasek Holdings. It operates bus, rail, taxi and other public and private transport services. Nautilus developed an omni-channel call centre solution for their taxi fleet call centre division. The setup involves migrating more than 90 lines from ISDN to SIP technology and a private cloud connection directly from SMRT to Singtel’s MegaPop to Amazon Cloud. Working closely with Singtel, Nautilus successfully implemented a private cloud-based infrastructure with Amazon Cloud (AWS) to manage multi-channels communication such as email, web chat and social media communications all via Nautilus dashboard.

Certis CISCO
A major supplier for the workforce in the security line, CERTIS CISCO commands a great number of security guards in the region of Singapore. To improve their communication system, Nautilus introduce the cloud base secure voice communication that allows users in the company to contact regardless of their location and connection. With the solution, the force has alternative communication platform to contact their seniors and customers. This gives them a cutting edge in providing security that couples with technologies and workforce.

Starhub is building a SIP network to support their subscribers. With the construction of the system, they need technical expertise to support their current voice network and to run new installations. Sametime they are looking for opportunities which allow them to sell the solution to other companies. We provide the infrastructure and supply digium hardware to support their Asterisk system.

Singapore National (Botanic Garden)
Nautilus set up a SIP communication system in the FCC room to support the communication service of security guards patrolling in Botanic Garden. The system powered by Asterisk handles incoming calls from the public looking for help or in distressed. The system generates a constant report to supervisors in real time. With this system in place, the guard can define their patrolling position and respond to emergency issues swiftly.

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
Video communication has become the primary tool in the hospital. When the patient needs to reach out to the doctors, KTPH found the right solution by using Nautilus video communication product. We have set up video communication network enabling doctors and staff to communicate easily in a big compound, thus saving them time to work on the crucial matters, saving lives. KTPH is using AVER video communication installed by the team.

Singapore Power (SP Group)
Singapore power is in the midst of the shifting. With the new office, the power company was looking for a power saving and robust communication system that provide local office and site office communication. Nautilus presented the Grandstream communication system with POC proposing a versatile state of art communication protocol SIP. With this solution, the firm can now harness their existing data network to add telephone communication. As a result, gives them an advantage of saving money in not purchasing new network setup and same time and power by centralising their deployment of phone communication without the need to buy multiple systems.

WEGO Travel
When it comes easy travel booking, Wego online travel booking system provides the most convenient way for any traveller to defines his/ her travel destination and book it with zero problems. Wego harnesses powerful yet simple to use technology that automates the process of searching and comparing results from hundreds of airline, hotel and online travel agency websites. With Nautilus IP Telephony using Switchvox, WEGO now integrates their inbound call centre with a CRM solution. This way all caller ID from the inbound calls are recorded on the CRM and facilitated to provide customer and agent with an effective communication.
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Nautilus Pricing Plans
Call from your mobile VOIP anywhere in Singapore at local Singapore call rate of 1.6¢ per minute. Your office number will be appeared as your outgoing caller ID.
  • Nautilus Basic

  • $90month
    • Up to 5 users

  • Nautilus Standard

  • $150month
    • Up to 10 users

  • Nautilus Premium

  • $240month
    • Up to 20 users

  • Nautilus Enterprise

  • $300month
    • Up to 30 users

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