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Can we activate more than one IP Phone per plan?

The Nautilus Cloud PBX platform is structured in a way that an extension is attached to either a Standard or Premium plan. By default, we can link one IP Phone per extension. This IP Phone will get automatically provisioned if provided by Nautilus or if it’s a compatible IP Phone (from Cisco or Grandstream ).


On each extension (Standard or Premium), you can activate 3 devices: iOS/Android Softphones and WebRTC Clients. When the IP Phone rings, the Softphones and WebRTC Clients will also ring simultaneously. You can also configure Call Forwarding and Follow-Me at the extension level.

How long do the call detail reports remain available in the platform?

Call detail reports (CDR) are stored in live format for approximately 60 days. After that period, the CDRs are archived in CSV format. You can request for them by opening a support ticket with Nautilus.

Does Nautilus Cloud PBX include fax service?

Our solution includes fax to email and email to fax capabilities, making the need for a fax machine obsolete. In case you want to keep and continue to run your fax machine, we do support terminal adapters (ATA).


To activate the fax service, you will need a PBX extension (either a standard extension or a premium plan), then Nautilus Cloud PBX will be able to route the incoming fax to your client’s fax machine, and vice versa.

Does Nautilus Cloud PBX support multiple-site registration?

Yes. With one user extension, you can have an IP Phone and you can register as many iOS or Android softphone devices. All the devices are registered together, so when the extension rings, every connected device also rings.

Does Nautilus Cloud PBX support off-site transfers?

Certainly. We can transfer a call to an external number in one of three ways:
1. via the IVR (automated attendant)
2. Manual, direct transfers done by the agent.
3. Automatic transfers from an IP phone to an external number as set by the user.

Does Nautilus Cloud PBX include a mobile app?

Yes, Nautilus has it own mobile softphone app. It runs on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Nautilus also has a WebRTC Client that can be run anywhere from any PC Web Browser.

Do you charge any fee to port my existing phone number to Nautilus Cloud PBX?

Yes, we charge $100 per number.

Are there any bandwidth requirements for Nautilus Cloud PBX?

A VoIP call uses about 100 kbps, which is very little bandwidth. As long as you have Quality of Service (QoS) enabled on your network, you won’t have to deal with any bandwidth limitation.

How can you guarantee voice quality for Nautilus Cloud PBX?

Nautilus is dealing with a chain of US & Canadian telephony carriers that have multiple data centers. We always route the call to the closest telephony data center to your location.


We also provide a network assessment guide, and we can assist you in the assessment process. Our guide is a checklist of tests to confirm that your client’s infrastructure can support the VoIP from Nautilus.


For instance, we advise you on properly setting up the QoS, or choosing between keeping an existing router or getting a new one. Nautilus will help you with the onboarding process every step of the way.