How to use Nautilus in your contact center

For companies looking to elevate their contact center operations, the options available to them are a lot more convoluted than it was 10 years ago. Technologies developed in the past decade alone are enough to confuse those who are new to the industry.

Such is the case with business communications today. With voice over internet protocol taking the stage since the earliest days of the internet, the world’s expectations of interconnectedness and the quality of customer service they get has evolved significantly.

We are writing this article with the intention of making the transition to a modern brand of contact center a lot easier, and to help those who are new here make the choice of connecting better.

We are a modern telephony company with aspirations of offering solutions fit for all. Branding ourselves as experts in cloud communication, we take every measure to ensure that every customer who takes on our solutions is assisted every step of the way. Our cloud phone and reporting portal solutions are designed to meet, maximize, and exceed their needs. And what’s even better is that we scale our solutions so that you end up with something that’s entirely yours.

1. Cloud PBX.

This is our base solution for companies who are just beginning to elevate their customer service operation from a simple wired connection. With this plan, clients get a powerful VOIP calling feature that connects them with their customers from wherever they are. It also comes with an intuitive Reporting Portal that captures important call data, allowing you to make important business decisions on the fly.

2. Contact Center Solution

For those looking to expand their contact center, we have this solution. This is essentially a supercharged version of our Cloud PBX with more detailed reporting capabilities. Do you need to monitor your agents’ performances, call distribution, and customer tendencies? You can find all that and more here.

3. Nautilus Talk

Nautilus Talk is an omnichannel solution that integrates all the tools that make a CRM platform worth it, and supercharging it with Nautilus’ cloud phone capabilities. It runs on the extensive ticketing platform of Zendesk, and serves as a storage for all prior customer inquiries and profiles. What this does is simplify the process of understanding a customer’s particular journey!

1. Company Evaluation

The whole process of transforming your customer service operation requires a lot of attention and self-awareness. What are your needs as a business? What are you trying to do and what are the things you need to get there?

We suggest sitting down with your team and discuss, evaluate, and learn what you can from each other to figure out the next steps for your business. Do you need the powers of an omnichannel CRM solution, or are you at a point where you only need a streamlined cloud phone service?

2. Personalization

E-commerce in the year 2022 looks a lot different than it did back in 2010, that’s for sure. The trends we have now call for a different customer experience, one that’s based on a more social aspect — something more personable and personalized.

Our team of developers will be assisting customers in the process of creating call flows, porting existing business numbers, and all the other requirements we will need to design a solution for you.

3. Training

There are sure differences when running your entire customer service operation on a cloud-based platform. One of which is that the software itself runs on a singular browser. What this opens up is the possibility of everyone working from home! And though this seems too good to be true, there are challenges that come along the way.

Training your team how to troubleshoot, fix, and overcome simple to complex issues is a must. Then there’s schedule adherence and productivity. Providing your team incentives on hitting these two goals would spell the difference between a failed transition from a winning one.

4. Application and integration

Once a tailor-made solution is released, customers can then monitor and track the progress of their cloud phone journey. Things like user experience, performance markers, and similar significant data will be gathered to set a benchmark for future developments.

Businesses with aspirations of expanding their customer service operations can then come back to us to explore more extensive plans to fit their needs. Nautilus will be there every step of the way.

As a company, our advocacy has always been rooted on customer success. Our core principles help us shape every single solution to the best that we think could benefit our customers!


As a telephony business, we believe that it is our responsibility to evolve our solutions to match the needs of our customers. That’s why we try our best to incorporate the finest integrations available to our software, carefully handpicking the best ones that make sense — because not every new thing is good!


One key feature shared by all of our Nautilus Plans is the Reporting Portal. This feature was designed to give customers the ability to see the inner workings of their business from a glance; with a press of a few buttons our clients can pull up important data that matters to them. Numbers keep everyone in the business from the operations all the way to the agents handling the call accountable.


We want our customers to trust us and the solutions we offer. That’s why safety, security, and data integrity is a cornerstone of our business. We go through every single measure to ensure that our customers can trust the software to handle and keep safe the information they put into our programs. Trust, as they say, starts from the top. In our case, it starts from the moment you log in.


What is the point of a powerful communications platform if your calls keep dropping? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we initially started, and the answer came in the form of our partnership with Amazon Web Services. With AWS, we are assured an uptime of 99.9 percent — this ensures that all of the calls made on our Cloud PBX are always of the best quality.


This is more than just a communications platform. We believe that our solutions are designed with connectivity in mind but pure service at heart! And by empowering our clients to serve their customers better, we are also encouraged to extend the same level of assistance to them. That’s why our customer support line is always open, with the most willing team in the business.

The goal is and always will be about helping you succeed. How do we do that? By offering sound solutions that are designed to work, and work well. The best part is, we are continuing to grow because of our clients’ successes. With well over a thousand clients under our belt, we’re still growing.

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