How to use the Nautilus Cloud Reporting Portal

Welcome to Nautilus. If you’re here, you’re probably one of two things: someone just starting a business for the first time, or a current business looking to expand using cloud phone solutions.

Our cloud phone is designed with a powerful reporting portal that allows you to track numbers that matter to you, and access all the benefits of the cloud. But who is this for?

Our Clientele

Nautilus’ current lineup of clients include local dental offices, retail stores, and travel agencies based in and out of Singapore. Hear how they use our Cloud Phone Solution:

Phone Solution:

Most of our clients generally use Nautilus as a means to call clients and to stay connected to each other between multiple offices. Our plug-and-play model is great for those running a business on the go. Our Nautilus Cloud Phone Solution offers up to 20 extensions per office, and this is especially useful if you’re running a multi-faceted business like a travel office or a retail store.

The way we sell our product isn’t just as a simple telephony solution, however. There’s the matter of the reporting portal.

In this article we will be citing a few examples of how our clients can maximize the potential of their reporting portal, and hopefully this will help your business too!

Uses of the Reporting Portal

For security and integrity. All calls made on the Nautilus Cloud Phone is instantly recorded on the cloud. These recordings are easily accessible for playback and for download. These are especially useful if, say, you’re disputing a certain transaction and you need to listen to a call. Moreover, this is feature is also great for integrity reasons - customers oftentimes feel more comfortable that a call is recorded, as it makes everything you say and everything discussed in the call confidential and secure.
Extension to extension call recordings. From an internal standpoint, having access to important conversations made within the company is very important. It allows you to keep track of what’s being discussed and gives you something to fall back on when you need it.

Another feature worth looking into is the Real Time Extensions tab in the Reporting Portal. It basically shows you whether your agents are Online or Offline. In a remote work context, having a feature that shows you if your team is signed in or not is very valuable.
For generating business reports. All calls that come in are automatically tracked and instantly reflect on the different reporting tabs of the reporting portal. If one business would like to do some planning on scheduling or staffing, for example, they can generate reports based on the day, week, month, or year. Given the numbers generated on these reports, they can then present these numbers to back up any decisions they end up going with.

What you can benefit from using the reporting portal

Having a reporting portal lets you view your business more thoroughly, letting you make the decisions that matter to you and the welfare of your business. When you’re presented with hard data, you can make the right calls with regards to your staffing, scheduling, and overall call operations. This, in turn, lets you save on costs.

But how exactly can you maximize cost-efficiency using our reports?


From a marketing perspective, having a reporting portal allows you to maximize and time your campaigns properly. Say you’re a retail business, you can pull up reports from the past year to see how much call activity you’ve had, and how well those calls were received. Were they answered, dropped, or abandoned? How long did those calls last? These metrics are great measures for you to plan your next sales or marketing push accordingly.


Like we’ve discussed in an earlier part of this article, your scheduling and staffing decisions can be greatly influenced by the right data. How many calls were made during the month of October? You can pull up your inbound call reports and see the activity then. If it was slow, you can postpone any seasonal staff hiring. Does it pick up closer to Christmas? Pull that data up and see if it justifies having some seasonal workers over to answer phones. These and many other similar scenarios are what you might end up encountering when you’re running your business, but having the right data in front of you can help save some resources!


If you’re running a sales or telemarketing business, you probably have some sort of script that you abide by. Since all calls made on Nautilus are automatically recorded on the cloud, you can listen to how your agent/s performed on their calls by pulling up their recording. Together, you can find significant lapses or coachable moments so as to improve their performance in the future.

Security and Disputes

Any business that has a customer service team will tell you that disputes and customer complaints are always going to be a factor. They’ll tell you one thing and mean another. So having call recordings automatically save on the cloud is a great cushion for you and your team to fall back on in case customers dispute something. Is it a fraud claim? An order dispute? Pull up the call and explore who said what, and set the record straight.

A contact center solution

If you find yourself reading this thinking that your team is actually bigger than what the Cloud Phone can easily accommodate, read on. Our intensive Nautilus Cloud Contact Center Solutions might be what you need!

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