How to use the Nautilus Contact Center Reporting Portal

At Nautilus, we sell more than just a telephony software. We’re selling a customer journey that’s clear, detailed, and easy to understand. We know that the real challenge for any contact center business is seeing how their performance is doing, what they can coach their agents on, and how to improve their overall call distribution. For that you need a reporting portal.

That’s why we designed the Nautilus Cloud Phone the way that we did: as a powerful tool to connect using VOIP, but with the reporting tools that reflect the numbers you need. Whether you’re a business that’s just starting or someone already established but looking to take your business to the cloud, let us help walk you through this step together.

A performance of a call center, regardless of its size, is and always will be based off of its efficiency. Couple that with a stellar customer service team and you have a winning ticket! But how can you measure efficiency?

By setting the right key performance indicators (KPIs).

Customer Service Efficiency

  1. Service Level Agreement
  2. First Call Resolution
  3. Average Talk Time
  4. Answer Rate
  5. Abandon Rate
  6. Average Handling Time

These KPIs are indicators for how your business is doing. But how exactly?

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This is the measurement of a team’s success. In the context of our Nautilus Cloud Phone, this is the amount of time it takes before a call is answered. The default settings for the cloud phone is set at < 30 for your SLA, which means a call was answered less than 30 seconds after it comes in.

First Call Resolution

This is the ideal situation for any call/contact center. This is when a customer’s inquiry is resolved upon initial contact. This might be a little difficult to achieve when you don’t have the necessary tools and information needed.

Average Talk Time

As a contact center, this is one of the most important numbers you need to be aware of. How much time your agents spend on each call can greatly determine your overall business! Are they spending too much time on a call? Too little?

Answer Rate

To put it simply, this refers to how quick and efficient your team is at answering the phones. Are they answering within the SLA your business has set?

Abandon Rate

A call is abandoned when a caller drops a call before it is answered by an agent. This is a good indicator for your business’ capacity to handle customer inquiries; if there’s a significant increase in your abandon rate it could mean that it might be time to increase your staff hiring.

Average Handling Time

This refers to the length of time each call lasts and paints a clear picture of how quickly and efficiently your agents handle customer inquiries. AHT is a common KPI for call centers as it allows you to track precious time and resources spent on each call. The goal here is to keep AHT at a minimum, and if the numbers reflected here are higher than usual, you’re compromising the overall customer journey.

Important parts of the Nautilus Reporting Portal

The Dashboard

We designed our dashboard to include important metrics regarding the performances of all your different queues. We tally everything from the total number of calls made, answered, and the number that were abandoned. We also compute different metrics like average talk time, wait time, answer rate, abandon rate, and other significant numbers.

The Wallboard

The Wallboard is a great tool to help you keep track of significant numbers at a glance. It’s literally a virtual wallboard! Having a wallboard like this helps promote inter-organization engagement, and when teams are working towards the same metrics and are aware of their goals, they are bound to be held accountable. It keeps them engaged and hopefully motivated to exceed them.

Agent Reports

The performance of one agent can greatly determine the outcome of your company. So having the numbers to back up any decisions and coaching plans you end up going for is essential.

Reporting Portal: A Complete Call Journey

From a contact center perspective, this is integral to maintain accountability and efficiency. When a customer calls in and has their inquiry settled, they can easily call back and ask another. Having relevant data can help paint a clearer picture for the agent handling the next inquiry, and potentially avoid any pitfalls. When your team is aware of a customer’s past interactions and prior solutions offered to them, we can offer proactive and relevant solutions for their next one.

The Reporting Portal you need

Welcome to Nautilus.

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