How to use the Nautilus Contact Center Reporting Portal

These KPIs are indicators for how your business is doing. But how exactly?


Once logged into the Reporting Portal, you are greeted by a Dashboard showing all your relevant stats for the day. This is the main hub that you and your team can use to see the overall summary of your day.

The Nautilus Contact Center Solution is supercharged with different tools to help you maximize your call performance, agent performance, and overall call distribution.


This part of the reporting portal is focused more on how your agents are doing stats-wise and performance-wise. We included features here to help you track their status, what they’re working on, and how efficient they are at handling calls. The numbers reflected here can be used for a variety of reasons, but namely for coaching.

If there’s anything that we take the most pride in, it’s in the way we designed our Contact Center Solution to show a clear customer journey. Our system knows everything about an interaction, starting from when it first comes in to when it eventually ends. We call these things “events,” and are tracked from one significant part to another.

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