Nautilus Contact Center Solution

In an ever-evolving marketplace, we understand that the biggest challenge is and always will be the gap that exists between you and your clientele. You need something reliable, something consistent, and something powerful that provides more than just the basics!

This is where our Contact Center Solution comes in. Think of this as a supercharged version of our Cloud PBX. You’re getting seamless connection coupled with an extensive call center performance index that allows you to fully leverage our software to align with your needs.

Our purpose

The days of the analog PBX and the traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) are almost behind us. With cloud computing being an established option for most players today, maintaining physical hardware has become an unnecessary cost making the technology almost obsolete.

Whether you’re a start-up or a growing small to medium enterprise, you need a reliable customer service platform that is cost-effective and efficient. What separates our solution from the rest of the market is the value that you get and the features that come with the package.

Thousands of companies in over five countries have now fully embraced Nautilus as an integral part of their operations. Our cloud-phone technology gives you the flexibility to run and maintain your customer service core with the added mobility of running through our powerfully-integrated web phone solution.

What this means is you and your team are connected to the rest of your customer base wherever they may be.

Professional features

Leave a great first impression by way of our interactive voice response (IVR) attendant. With this, you can record a professional greeting that helps route customers to the proper extensions, paving the way for a first call resolution.

Success-driven initiatives

The success of one is the success of all. Managing and assisting a team are two separate things, but they are both equally important. We at Nautilus understands that, which is why we’ve incorporated helpful features such as Call Whispering, Call Monitoring, and Call Barging to create a better and more intuitive method of assistance for your team.

Management in a cinch

The goal is and always will be efficiency. Manage your team’s performance from one handy page that gives you the analytics that matter. Everything from your agent’s average handling time, answer rate, and similarly-important numbers are at the tip of your fingers. Recognize and correct trends before they become an issue.

Secure connection from everywhere, anytime

Nautilus runs on an entirely cloud-based architecture. With that, we invest and lean on Amazon Web Services and their 99.9 % Uptime to ensure that our customers are always connected, especially when it matters.

Our team of dedicated engineers are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

How can we help?

We’re all about making things easier for our customers. Stay connected and let Nautilus steer the ship for you.

Welcome aboard.

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