Case management

Zendesk’s case management system allows for easy collaboration between a requester and all stakeholders involved in a ticket. Get to know customer behaviors and tendencies to solve cases better, faster, and to stay one step ahead of the curve.

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Redefine the way you solve cases and hold  your customer’s hand every step of the way.
Keep track of a case and all interactions made from the start of the journey to its end. Zendesk makes it easy!

Escalate better

Save precious time and resources by allowing for faster escalations. Zendesk’s automation feature is completely customizable, easy to run, and promotes healthy collaboration.


Maximize your time and resources by streamlining the customer journey, automating where tickets go, and making sure your team handles tickets they were meant to.

Choose transparency and collaboration 

Maintain your brand integrity by letting the right people in on a case. Zendesk’s goal is to make finding the best solution with your team– while keeping the requester in the loop– convenient and easy.

Promote security and accountability

Keep sensitive information secure with our organized case management system. Create business rules that matter and choose to limit access to certain groups and relevant parties.

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Keep everyone in the loop with relevant and timely notifications 

Never get left behind with notifications. A clear customer journey is one where everyone is on the same page at the same time.

Keep your service level promise

Honoring a service level agreement is not just about meeting the standards you set. Zendesk’s case management system is designed to keep everyone accountable and empowered to perform better.

Make employees feel valued

Agents feel valued when they know they are appreciated and are doing meaningful work. Empower them to reach success with the best tools of the trade!

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