Up your efficiency with an IVR Integration 

Save on manpower costs by integrating with our intricate IVR system to perform complex tasks like order tracking, membership details, case tracking, and more without an agent. 

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Deflect calls with Self-Service options

Deflect calls with a complex, multi-level flow with multiple layers of self-service options for callers to resolve inquiries on their own. The best part is that you don’t have to build it, because we’ll do it for you.

Trigger SMS for important details

Whether it’s a URL, an appointment confirmation, or a profile update, callers can be notified through an SMS after the call. This way, you don’t have to worry about callers missing any important details.

Smooth call journey  through validation

Validate phone numbers or other information so callers can have a smooth call journey from start to end. It could be something as simple as checking if the number is a mobile number or something more complex like validating callers’ postcode.

Hosting CRM information with one button

Whether it’s a replacement card request, profile update, or changing delivery address, our IVR can pull up that information from your CRM while on the call. This way, callers can have their requests processed immediately while on the call.

Get customer satisfaction rating while it’s hot

Seize the moment and get immediate feedback from callers by transferring the call to a CSAT survey while the experience is still fresh in their minds to capture the events more accurately.

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