From IVR to SMS in one call


Some messages are just impossible to be conveyed over a call. That’s where a simple SMS text comes in handy! Whether it’s an appointment confirmation, a URL, or order tracking, our SMS integration lets you stay in the loop. 

Never miss any important detail

Text customers everything they need in one single SMS

Secure appointments with an SMS confirmation

Secure an appointment with clients by sending an SMS confirmation after a call. Better yet, take it up a notch and add a link to reschedule or a link to maps to ensure that your clients always know where to show up.

From voice to text balance update

Remembering numbers is not as easy as remembering words. So help your callers to retain information about their membership points or credit balance by sending an SMS text update after the call. Plus, callers will be constantly reminded of their credit every time they check their texts which will likely make them want to spend.

Post call status update

Getting status updates over a call is not always the most efficient. The call could be breaking, words are mispronounced, etc that could leave callers hanging. So why not provide an option to receive update via SMS instead where all information are in text and can be stored to be read anytime?

Exclusive follow up with loyal customers

Follow up calls with loyal customers by sending exclusive deals through after-call SMS to make them feel appreciated and to encourage them to spend more. After all, returning customers are always the most valuable customers.

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