The new way of working: how businesses rely on VOIP and CRM solutions to excel

If you’re anyone who has experienced working in the past three years, you must have been exposed (to some degree) to the notion of remote work. The sudden, physical closure of many businesses represented a need for a shift in the way we work. Millions of people across the world had to resort to different measures to keep work, to keep the world rolling. In the three years since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world embraced (albeit not wholeheartedly) the notion of remote work.

Though it’s arguable that the worst dangers of Covid is past us, some remnants of the fear that closed the world down remain; chief among them the idea of remote working. Corporations realized that there are clear benefits to adapting this technology for their day-to-day operations, especially for their customer service teams. And that’s why this model of working persists today.

But how are businesses functioning, you ask? Which technologies are they relying on to run their operations smoothly?

Introducing VOIP and CRM

VOIP is the protocol fueling the rise of modern cloud computing and is a whole industry in itself. The most identifiable names being Skype and Zoom, these companies have made connecting with families easy and accessible. It is also the default for businesses to conduct their call center operations online.

CRM, on the other hand, is short for customer relationship management. This is a tool that is used to interact with customers and allows for a quick and easy way to manage all their data. A popular example of which would be Zendesk, the leading CRM platform today.

Usage of CRM and VOIP in today’s market

Businesses in different industries are taking advantage of the clear benefits of these technologies, with some easy examples like:

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Banking

The application of CRM and internet calling here makes it easy for those in these sectors to target, attract, and complete transactions and offer solutions. It also makes it easy to manage and enhance customer relationships, what with having all their prior interactions available for discernment. In a marketing perspective, having access to customer preferences hands one the ability to predict and foresee future needs and, in a way, have the necessary solutions ready for it is needed.

Why businesses needs to adapt

Especially in a post-Covid world where customer expectations have heightened, making sure that your business is armed with the right set of tools is a must. Tools like a strong, reliable CRM platform, a VOIP cloud phone, and similar programs are your best bet if you’re looking to enhance your customer service.

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