Startups and the tools they use in 2023

Startups are all the craze lately. But how is life at these new startups? It’s no secret that launching a business in this day and age is a challenging prospect. You need a solid idea, a great team to support you, and an overwhelming amount of options with regards to tools. How do you sort through the mess and figure out which ones are helpful?

With 91% of all startups doomed to fail, we don’t want you to add to that statistic. We’re writing this guide to help you figure out which tools to invest in for your business.

What is a startup?

Before we go any further, let’s first define what a startup is. In the strictest of terms, a startup is a company in the early stages of operations. They are usually founded by a few millennial entrepreneurs. The services or the products they offer are those they believe are in demand, oftentimes a software of some sort. These ideas cost money, that’s why they oftentimes look for angel investors to funnel money into the operation.

Running a startup comes with its own share of risks, but are oftentimes a great place to find growth. Those who work for a startup oftentimes have to wear multiple hats. This puts them in a perfect opportunity to learn a multitude of skills in less time!

Tools for startups in 2023

Now we head to the meat of our discussion today: what tools does a startup need in this day and age? Take it from us; when Nautilus started growing during the pandemic we wish we had this list. The tools below come from our own bag of experience and we hope they become of use to you too.


As a growing business, every startup needs a customer relationship management tool (CRM). What it does is help ensure that all customer conversations are heard and addressed in a timely manner. As a ticketing platform, Zendesk makes talking with customers a lot easier by consolidating all interactions in one place. The best part about this software solution is that it also enhances your marketing, sales, and customer service campaigns. All in one tool!

Google’s Chrome OS Flex

Chrome OS Flex is Google’s cloud-based operating system. It is a fast and secure solution that is available for both Macs and PCs. If you’re a startup, you might be looking for cost-effective alternatives. This is where Chrome OS Flex shines — it is designed to run on older devices. All while enhancing their performance and maximizing their capabilities. What is basically does is breathe new life into older devices!


Every company needs a reliable messaging platform. That’s where Slack comes in. It’s an easy and reliable place to host internal conversations that are easily searchable, allows for collaboration, and easy to implement. Slack also allows users to create as many channels they need. Moreover, slack easily integrates with important tools like Gmail, Google Drive, and others.


Nobody on your team proficient with graphic design? Don’t worry, Canva has your back. Since its founding a decade ago, Canva has slowly risen to the top of every startup’s list. It allows anyone to create designs for all kinds of uses. Need a logo for your WordPress page? Canva has hundreds of templates available for your use. Need one for your social media? Product announcements? You know where to look!


To make managing a growing business easier, people have turned to tools like Asana. This project management tool comes with a range of features and integrations that are worth investing in. It also easy to use, enhances collaboration, and even comes with a free plan for startups with less than 15 members.


Social media management is another aspect of startup life that can be overwhelming. Posting on multiple channels like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn requires some level of consistency. And that’s what Buffer allows you to do. It offers automization and extensive publication tools that are designed to help take the load off.


In an effort to be unbiased, let me put it this way: every business deserves a reliable cloud calling feature. Ideally something that is affordable, easy to implement, and remote work friendly! And that’s what Nautilus provides. Our cloud phone plans scale with every business’ needs. We offer powerful VOIP features that comes bundled with a Reporting Portal that makes running any business easier! And our 24/7 support team is available for startups’ every need!

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