Why choose Nautilus?

Company Overview


Headquartered in Singapore, Nautilus Network Solutions has been designing and developing IP PBXes with Unified Communication Services since 2006. We take great care in developing the right solutions for clients of all sizes. We also make sure we have the right qualifications like the following:

  • Nautilus is the only certified Asterisk company in Asia
  • Licensed telecommunication provider in Singapore (SBO). Applications Service Provider (ASP) in Malaysia.
  • We are licensed with IMDA Singapore as a registered cloud telecommunications provider
  • We have expanded operations in Singapore, Malaysia & Australia, and growing in other parts of Southeast Asia
  • Currently hosting more than 25,000 cloud sessions and setups in over 1,000 contact centres in Singapore.
  • Has the ISO 27001 Standard Certification, the international standard for internet security best practices.

Experts in cloud-based solutions


Since we started our journey, we’ve always made it a point to put the customer first. We designed our solutions to be scalable, user-friendly, and feature-rich. Before we head any further, let’s discuss what we offer.

Different Nautilus Plans


We currently have three solutions available, all of which are designed with a particular client in mind. The features available scale accordingly, so you decide which ones you need and which plan to go for. Take note that all three are powered by the same VOIP technology that Nautilus utilizes.



At Nautilus, we take great pride in what we do and what we offer. We are a growing company who cares for you and wishes nothing less than for you to succeed. Our organic operation runs on the idea of organic growth, and our solutions are designed to scale according to every client’s needs.

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