Why choose Zendesk

Whether you’re a new business or an existing one, you’re probably thinking of ways to improve the ways you manage your customer interactions. What with everything coming from different channels like email, live chat, and social media you might have Googled something called a “customer relationship management” platform.

Then you found Zendesk.

There’s a reason why their tagline is “Champions of Customer Service.” That’s because their goal really is to make customer service better in all the right ways. Let’s see why!

Completely Customizable Features

The right customer relationship management platform should offer the best solutions for every client, not some cookie-cutter offering that wouldn’t work for everybody. That’s where Zendesk shines. Let’s look at some useful features:

  1. Extensive ticketing system — the main attraction. Zendesk allows customer support interactions to be housed in one single inbox, making it easier for your team to handle all requests.
  2. Views — managing your “Views” allows you the complete flexibility of dictating where and when you receive your customer interactions. You can create custom filters and set conditions to funnel conversations to wherever you want them.
  3. Side Conversations — this feature lets you talk to fellow agents who happen to be working on the same ticket without alerting the requester (customer)
  4. Customer History — probably the best feature to let you know who has assisted a customer at any point in the past. This helps create a clearer picture of assistance and can be of prime assistance in solving future inquiries.
  5. Answerbots — to better maximize your team’s productivity, Zendesk’s answerbot feature is completely customizable and is designed to create customer deflection.

Zendesk over others

Since its founding in 2007, Zendesk has risen the ranks and has earned the reputation of being the best CRM platform in the industry. It’s not only complete, but it is also scalable to fit the needs of every company.

While their extensive ticketing system is one thing, the ease and convenience they offer makes banking for this customer relationship management software worth it. Zendesk’s omnichannel solution lets your team easily collect and manage all support tickets in one place. This saves you time and precious resources.


Streamlined solutions

Make it easier for yourself and your team. Optimize agent productivity through Zendesk’s Answerbot self-service feature and create customer deflection so agents can focus on more important things.

A clear customer journey

It’s all about creating a clear customer journey. Having all conversations in one place allows for a streamlined, personalized, and efficient experience that will keep customers coming back (hopefully for good reasons)!

From email conversations to social media messaging, the Zendesk omnichannel empowers agents with the context they need to deliver outstanding support to build stronger and long-lasting relationships with customers. All in one convenient place!

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