How Zendesk continues to spearhead Customer Experience

Date: December 7, 2023 Time: 4PM to 7PM Venue: Pacific Business Club

how zendesk continues to spearhead event logo.png
On December 7, 2023 we held our year-end event in partnership with Zendesk. For this we figured it would be the perfect opportunity to put the spotlight on the Zendesk-Nautilus Story, the importance of compiling all customer conversations, and meeting customers where they are.
For this event we targeted a small, intimate group of leads to come listen to our workshop about our experience with Zendesk.

Some key highlights from the day were the following:

  • Why internal and external case management is beneficial for modern businesses
  • Elevating customer experience with an omnichannel platform
  • Why reengineering your ticketing platform can help propel your business metrics
  • The different features that Zendesk Support offers and how it helps make handling cases easy
We were also lucky to have had Farhan Sidek, GetGo's Head of Customer and Community Experience, to come speak about the company's long and storied history with Zendesk. He shared the struggle they faced regarding customer experiences, their quest to offer personalized experiences in their contact center, and how Zendesk Support helped them.
GetGo also happens to be a customer of Nautilus, and Mr. Sidek also shared the seamlessness of using Nautilus Talk. He also shared GetGo's usage of Nautilus as the main line for their customers to report car accidents and breakdown, and how the Reporting Portal has become such a useful tool for them to keep track of call performance.
It was a fruitful event that not only strengthened our tech partnership with Zendesk, but also helped shed some light into how the right tools can lead to better customer journeys.
Check out some of the highlights from our event below!