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Our take on the omnichannel experience is currently being utilized by brands across Singapore to great success. Become better at identifying sales opportunities through the best communications platform today.

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Track every interaction across platforms in a unified workspace

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Speed up your internal communication

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Build memorable customer stories worth sharing

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Maximise ROI with Streamlined Workflows

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Create a loyal fanbase

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Empower agents to excel

We’re all about building data secure contact centers

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Call Queuing

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Call recordings

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"Zendesk introduced us to Nautilus at the most opportune time. We were looking around for a reliable phone solution that integrated well the Zendesk platform, so we decided to give them both a try. We’re happy to report that our experience with them has been excellent so far.

The Nautilus Support Team is wonderful, they offer timely and efficient assistance every time. "


"We needed a quick solution to make local calls and receive calls from within Zendesk. When we found Nautilus, we were very impressed. Calls were made with just a few buttons, all within Zendesk’s ticketing system.

Each call came with voice recordings and made it easy for the team to troubleshoot the caller's queries, and follow up quickly.

We had a short runway to get things started but it was quick and hassle-free, and the Nautilus Team managed to get us set up within 2 weeks.

Without Nautilus, we would have been asking clients to call an overseas contact number, causing them to bear unnecessary charges. There were many roadblocks we met in setting up what we thought was a simple solution but there were red tapes all around, until Nautilus team came it to set up the system swiftly before go live. "


"Nautilus Call Centre Solution provides seamless connectivity between our laboratories. Managing more than 100 call centre agents, we are able to connect priority calls with ease coming directly from hospitals and clinics. Utilizing the next generation cloud telephony- SIP technology, we are so much ahead of the curve as compared to our competitors and they have far exceeded our expectations.

The Nautilus Support Team is wonderful, they offer timely and efficient assistance every time. "

Mitra Chen
Innovative Diagnostics

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An Omnichannel Solution for Enhanced Customer Experience

Seamlessly integrate all communication channels, from calls to chat, ensuring a unified and personalized experience. Boost customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and elevate your brand's presence in the digital era.

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