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Easily collaborate with team members in creating immersive customer experiences with our Zendesk integration. Need to know more?

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Effortlessly meet SLAs

With Nautilus Talk on Zendesk, agents can easily collaborate on tickets and achieve resolution faster.

Map better customer journeys

Use contextual information from each customer to help map where they are, where they want to go, and how your business can help them get there.

Allow for Faster Resolution - one ticket at a time

With Nautilus Talk being built into Zendesk, every call is instantly linked to a customer–existing or otherwise. This pulls up all prior interactions to provide agents better insights into a customer's journey and how they can improve it.

Get to know your customers better

Maximize use of all your channels by keeping them in one place. Nautilus Talk works with Zendesk to compile interactions with customers–be it chat, call, or email–to build immersive experiences every single time.

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Build a positive brand image

Offer consistent and reliable customer support on a platform that lets you. Let excellence be your stamp.

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Encourage Proactive Support

With the ability to offer proactive support through voice calls, Nautilus can address potential issues before they escalate, further enhancing customer trust.

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Nautilus-Zendesk Features

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Embedded on Zendesk

Nautilus Talk is embedded directly on Zendesk Support, making it easy to access regardless of agent activity.

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Optimized ticket management

Every (incoming or outgoing) call made on Nautilus Talk automatically triggers a ticket on Zendesk. Said ticket also connects to prior interactions if there are any.

Contact Book on Zendesk

With all interactions recorded on Zendesk, this allows users to create profiles for their customers. This is then pulled up the next time they call back, acting as a built-in caller ID.

Seamless agent experience

Users can invite external stakeholders to help out on a ticket (even during a live call).

Call Recording on a ticket post-call

A call recording is automatically linked to the ticket that’s created after every call. Agents can use said recording while on the Zendesk platform.

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Interaction History

Every single interaction a customer makes, regardless of the channel, are recorded on their interaction history tab. This allows agents to trace a customer’s journey from the very beginning, thereby creating a clearer picture.

Customizable Views

Views offer agents and admin alike a better way to handle customer tickets. Organise them as which ones haven’t been assisted, which ones need a follow-up, and which ones need a triage.

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Increased Operational Efficiency

Help encourage agents to be better and more efficient by providing them with the omnichannel experience that's designed to not get in the way.

Hear what our customers say about us

"Zendesk introduced us to Nautilus at the most opportune time. We were looking around for a reliable phone solution that integrated well the Zendesk platform, so we decided to give them both a try. We’re happy to report that our experience with them has been excellent so far. The Nautilus Support Team is wonderful, they offer timely and efficient assistance every time. "

Charmaine Tan

"We needed a quick solution to make local calls and receive calls from within Zendesk. When we found Nautilus, we were very impressed. Calls were made with just a few buttons, all within Zendesk’s ticketing system. Each call came with voice recordings and made it easy for the team to troubleshoot the caller's queries, and follow up quickly.

We had a short runway to get things started but it was quick and hassle-free, and the Nautilus Team managed to get us set up within 2 weeks.

Without Nautilus, we would have been asking clients to call an overseas contact number, causing them to bear unnecessary charges. There were many roadblocks we met in setting up what we thought was a simple solution but there were red tapes all around, until Nautilus team came it to set up the system swiftly before go live. Thank you Nautilus and Zendesk! "

Skylar Ong

"Have been working with Nautilus since 2019 and they have been very helpful. The Nautilus team has been very responsive to our queries and is one of the vendors we are comfortable working with.

During the walkthrough, the Nautilus team gave a clear and layman's explanation to our users especially since our users are not very technical. "

Gerald Tan

"We are an IT retailer company in Singapore. Nautilus Talk able to provide us a comprehensive solution to engage with our customer be it either post or pre sales service. We are able to monitor our call agents and improve the productivity level as well. Nautilus has a great support team in supporting us whenever we encountered any technical issue. We would recommend to any company require a call solution."

Ben Lim

Transformative Insights and Strategic Breakdowns - The Ultimate Call Report

All features
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Realtime Extension Status

Keep track of your team’s activity and by viewing their status in real time.

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Outgoing Call reports

See how well your agents are doing with regards to their outbound call performance.

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Real Time Dashboard

View important daily call metrics from various queues via your own contact-center grade dashboard.

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Incoming by Users

View individual users’ call metrics like call answered, not answered, and average handling time. You can also find links to specific call recordings each user has made.

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Distribution Report

This report provides an exhaustive look at your business’ call distribution. It can provide your performance of individual queues, distribution by month, week, day, even until by the hour.

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Queue Performance Report

This report is dedicated to giving supervisors an in-depth look at their different queues’ performances.

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