Increasing Productivity in your Contact Center using Nautilus

Increasing Productivity in your Contact Center using Nautilus.png
Contact centers are quite different from what they were ten years ago. They have features that are reminiscent of their predecessors, but are now free of physical limitations. With a cloud-based contact center like Nautilus, businesses today benefit from flexibility, scalability, and affordability– all without compromising on features.
That is where we find ourselves today, at the precipice of the new age of working. With the fast pace that businesses operate today, efficiency equals productivity. This factor is tantamount reaching success, so having the right solution in hand is not just a given, but a must have.
In this article we will be highlighting the features that come with Nautilus Contact Center. As a fully-cloud based communications system, it eliminates the need and limitations of traditional hardware. This allows businesses to scale and adapt to the needs of their operation while also improving their reach.

Contextual and intuitive calling features

The bread and butter of the Nautilus Contact Center Solution is the web phone. Traditionally, contact center agents have to use physical VOIP phones to make and receive calls. But with Nautilus, we offer the flexibility of a browser-based web phone with all the PBX features a modern business needs.
Contact center agents can handle calls while working on a case on a different browser. It is intelligently designed to not get in the way of them doing their jobs. Moreover, we’ve integrated custom break codes within the web phone for agents to identify their call availability.
We also added the ability for agents to choose the outgoing DID number they will use to make outbound calls. If your business has multiple DID numbers under one main line, this is particularly helpful.

Callback Feature

In a contact center, it is inevitable that some calls might end up getting missed. In a business where every call is an opportunity, having the ability to reconnect with a missed caller is vital! This is why we developed and integrated the callback feature into our webphone to empower agents to follow up on missed opportunities.
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A customizable IVR

Reachability and proper routing of calls are paramount to calls getting resolved faster. First call resolution is a great indicator of call efficiency and effectiveness of your team. This is where an integrated voice response (IVR) attendant comes into play.
At Nautilus, we can create custom call flows for every customer’s IVR. This not only ensures that calls are routed to the right department, but also to get the right message across. Our IVR can integrate your business hours, and we can play pre-recorded messages to reflect that. When a call comes in during business hours, the call will be routed to the right team. If, however, the call comes in outside of your hours of operation, we can play a custom recording letting them know of your office hours and provide them an option to leave a voicemail.
The Nautilus IVR module is also built to be flexible enough to integrate into existing third party programs you might have. This encourages faster data gathering and self service initiatives.
Another handy feature of our customizable IVR is that we can play custom IVR breakout messages. During particularly long hold times, we can play a message that informs customers that their call is being prioritized. This keeps them in the loop and helps prevent them from dropping the call.

Supervisory Features

To encourage collaboration and agent empowerment, we’ve also developed helpful supervisory call features within Nautilus.These include call whispering, call barging, and call monitoring.
These features are especially helpful for newer agents who are still under training. Supervisors can listen in to their calls and offer helpful tips when the situation calls for it. In a business where call handling and call performance are key performance indicators, having the tools to help empower them are vital.
Certain scenarios also call for supervisor intervention. With call barging, for example, a supervisor can intervene during the middle of the call and offer all parties assurance. This leads to faster resolution, avoids escalations, and optimises customer satisfaction.

Contact Center Reporting Portal

Nautilus Contact Center provides real-time monitoring and analytics, allowing your team to quickly identify and respond to customer inquiries. This can help reduce wait times and improve the overall customer experience.
A big part of our software solution is built around our reporting portal. This functions as a database for all important data regarding your contact center; everything from missed calls to important information regarding your call drivers are stored here. But how should you, as a client of ours, leverage this function to improve your business?
Contact centers handle a lot of customer interactions on a daily basis, and as a result they generate a lot of data that, if not handled well, can spell the difference between success and failure. Knowing the performance of one’s business is an integral part of growth, health, and longevity. And regardless of size, the pace of organizations are pretty similar and require the same level of attention. That’s where a reporting portal can come in handy!

What is the Nautilus Reporting Portal?

As a telephony company, Nautilus provides the most reliable VOIP calling solution by leveraging the most updated technologies today. To complement that, we have bundled in a real-time reporting solution that tracks all incoming and outgoing calls.
But how is this different from any other solution in the market, you might ask? Our Reporting Solution breaks down complex data from your customer service operations and makes them more approachable. We
Our Reporting Portal is a powerful tool designed to break down complex data into bite-sized chunks that are easier to digest. Let’s look at a few features that can help improve your call distribution and the quality of your customer service.

1. Realtime Wallboards

For companies looking to manage their day-to-day call operations, we designed realtime wallboards. This feature is especially handy as it compiles all necesssary data and call metrics that businesses need to pay attention to, and allows them to make decisions on the fly.
We designed this feature as a means to get better visibility on call performances of agents, specific queues, and even the status of agents in real time. Think of it as a stand-in for traditional physical wallboards you see in call centers, but this one lives on your computer screen.
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2. Outbound Calls by Hour/Day/Week/Month

If you’re running an outbound call center, for example, it helps to know how well your agents are doing. Are they taking enough calls, and is there anything you can do to help them to improve their performance? This set simplifies that process and allows you to see the exact numbers of calls they received, how many they answered, etc.
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3. Inbound Call Details Report

Since a majority of call centers today reflect the reactive nature of customer service, it stands to reason that most of them would be handling more inbound calls. And this makes it harder to keep track of calls if you were using a lesser method of measuring data. Our Reporting Portal makes the process of filtering and analyzing thousands of calls much, much easier. It gives you important metrics like ring time, talk time, and a link to a recording of any particular call. This serves as an important tool when needing to check for security and quality control reasons.
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4. Call Journey

The trend in customer service today rests upon the laurels of flexibility, personalization, and transparency. Our Call Journey is a culmination of all those traits, and houses all the data regarding a customer’s prior interactions, the steps they took, and pertinent call details like Ring Time, Waiting Time, and even a link to the call recording.
outbound). This is pretty significant as seeing general data like this lets you make important decisions without going into too much specifics.
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5. Agent Performance Reports

Call center supervisors need a quick and easy way to pull up performance numbers of their team members. This gives them a basis for their coaching, as well as gives them an opportunity to assess agents’ KPIs. Metrics like total calls and answered calls, for example, lets you know whether an agent is slow on a call. Poor performance here might be an indication of bigger issues than it lets on. Failing to identify and act upon these agent issues can lead to a consistent drop in productivity and — God forbid — employee attrition. Think of the agent report feature as a gauge for the overall health of your business.
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The Nautilus Contact Center Solution is first and foremost, a tool. All the features that come with it are carefully considered and designed to help users succeed. In the current landscape of work where the firm focus is on the customer experience, harnessing the right tools matters. They are indispensable for driving productivity, fostering customer loyalty, and ultimately transforming (and elevating) the customer experience.
This is where we come in. With our years of experience in the cloud telecommunications space, we’ve developed the solution that we know works. Our portfolio of clients can attest to its effectiveness and the quality of our customer support.
Are you ready to improve productivity in your contact center? Let us know!

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