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As your business grows, so do your customer service needs. Meet Nautilus Contact Center Professional, our customized solution to help businesses expand their customer support without the cost and complexity of an enterprise-level contact center.

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Built for the modern contact center


Make relevant operational decisions in realtime

Our realtime wallboards provide you helpful insights about queue performance and agent statuses to help empower decision making in your organization.

See important patterns on agent performance and behavior

Our Reporting Portal provides helpful agent reports to help you track important call metrics and insightful agent patterns.

Build a culture of accountability

Allow agents to toggle to the most relevant break code that reflects their status in realtime.

Allow for better agent coaching and training

Let your supervisors assist your agents with our custom supervisory features that are natively integrated into the web phone.

Get expert advice on how to build an optimized call center

Our team of contact center experts are ready to offer their expertise on building fully optimized call flows designed to speed up your growth.

Contact Center Features to help you grow

Web Phone

With our browser-based calling solution, rid your business of the limitations of physical hardware and open the pathways for hybrid working.

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Custom Break Codes

Allow agents to choose the break code that reflects them, giving you visibility to their status in real time. Build a culture of transparency and accountability in your organization!

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Accurately route callers to the right queue and integrate custom time conditions to allow your agents to take in calls when appropriate.

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Business Hour Management

Inform callers of your hours of operation by integrating a custom voice message directly onto your IVR. Take calls when your team is ready to avoid call volume buildup.

call recording
Call Recording

Easily investigate cases by listening in to a live recording of the call; Nautilus stores all call recordings for free for the first 90 days.

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Get realtime updates on your queue performance and agent statuses via our constantly-updating wallboards and make operational decisions on the fly!

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Multiple Outgoing DID

For contact centers making a lot of outbound calls, it helps to represent the right brand. Let agents toggle to the right DID directly on their web phone before making a call.

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Call Queueing

Ensure that no call goes unattended by allocating them to a queue, allowing for an orderly call handling system.

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Call Transfer

Seamlessly transfer calls from one extension to another with a single click.

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Agent Reports

Utilize important call metrics to identify patterns in agent behavior and performance, and to empower coaching and training initiatives.

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Distribution Reports

Learn how well your calls are being distributed within your organization by filtering them by queue, month, or a custom date range of your choice. Empower your resource management and staffing needs with contextual data.

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Ring Groups

Help streamline communication, enhance customer experience, and ensure that calls are handled efficiently within an organization.

Supervisory Features:


Call Barging

Offer direct assistance to both the agent and the caller by joining the call.


Call Whispering

Offer your agents direct assistance by whispering to them live without the caller hearing you.


Call Monitoring

Listen in to a live call to help identify key opportunities for call improvement.

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"Limitless support to meet our requirements and enhance Nautilus system function that benefits us and also our customers.

The strong Nautilus team is always on standby mode and they monitor system performance in a very timely manner. "


"The journey of understanding the product, procuring the services and onboarding the system was very smooth. The team by Nautilus were very professional about the implementation and my team find it a breeze kick starting the product.

The system is user friendly and the support team is very helpful in providing assistance. Overall good experience with Nautilus. Keep up the good work! The Nautilus Support Team is wonderful, they offer timely and efficient assistance every time. "

Mr. Lim

"We chose Nautilus as our communications partner as they are the pioneers in Asterisk Technology but more importantly, we shared a vision of the future which recognises that Contact Centres need to be able to integrate multiple business processes to multiple communication channels.

I will strongly recommend Nautilus to any Contact Centre setups, as Nautilus will be your key trusted communications partner in telecommunications. "

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Shaun Lee
SMRT Corporation

A contact center solution designed to help you grow

Nautilus has always been in the business of elevating contact centers; we do this by offering a combination of integral PBX features and accessible analytics.

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