Provide better Customer Service using Nautilus

Provide better Customer Service using Nautilus
Welcome to 2022. At the time of this writing, there are two significant events in relation to customer service that we should be looking at: the continued raging of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the rise of cloud solutions.
The fact remains: customer service remains a vital part of our everyday interactions, despite the threat of the pandemic. Having an integral customer service solution in place will always be an important consideration if you’re a business. But how do you do that in this climate?
Every business relies on its customer service platform for multiple reasons. As the saying goes, customer service is the lifeblood of any organization! Aside from being the first contact for customers, customer service agents are also the representatives of the company. They act as ambassadors for the business, and should therefore serve and act accordingly to reflect the values of the brand.
What kind of impression you choose to give your customers is entirely up to you, but the goal always remains the same: achieve customer success.

Achieving Customer Success in the year 2022

What is customer success? A quick and easy definition is that it is a process of assisting customers in achieving a certain outcome. The faster and easier we get them there, the better it is overall. But how do we achieve that?
Everyone at Nautilus designed our Contact Center Solution to have the tools that you need to elevate your business. First and foremost is our intuitive web phone, a tool powered by the cloud. It works alongside our Reporting Portal, which tracks and records all phone calls made on our software. When these two work in tandem, your chances of reaching customer success increase tenfold!
Now you have the tools, what next?

Customer Service trends to look out for

As the popular Carl Sagan quotes goes, “The future depends on what we do in the present.” Given this analogy, it is important that we make solid goals today to dictate our future. Customer service is going through some important trends now that we need to look at so we can plan ahead and ensure that our operation is ready and capable.
1. A personalized customer experience — according to a survey conducted by Zendesk, about 63% of companies today are prioritizing the customer experience. They dedicate a lot of their resources towards streamlining the process of customer service, leaning towards automation and personalizing their interactions.
2. Automation and self-service options— certain steps in the customer service call flow are now being automated. Tools such as the IVR and answerbots are great at this. This gives customers the ability to pull up their own profiles, get self-service solutions, or even create their own tickets before talking to a live agent. This greatly speeds up the process for the contact center.
3. The rise of the omnichannel — What is an omnichannel? An omnichannel is an approach to unifying all customer service channels in one place. This allows your team to compile all the necessary conversations to make one cohesive story. The benefits of this also goes beyond simplifying customer interactions for your team, but also for helping build a better and clearer customer journey.

How Nautilus can help

As a software company, our goal is to provide our customers the right tools at the right time. Our Contact Center Solution, for example, comes with three major components that we know you’ll need to run an efficient and state-of-the-art contact center: a web phone, a reporting portal, and call journey.
Both tools are designed to complement each other, and to give you (the user) all the data you need to excel in your customer service operations. Let’s look into these tools a little deeper and see how you can use them to your advantage:

The Nautilus Web Phone

A cloud phone works pretty much the same way as traditional IP phones, but it uses voice over internet protocol to make and receive calls. As a telephony company, Nautilus hosts these lines and allows customers access to their state-of-the-art cloud phone software. The Contact Center Solution comes with a powerful Web Phone, one that lets you and your team make and receive calls over the internet at a strong and consistent rate.

Reporting Portal

To manage and optimize the performance of your team, you will need to see some numbers. Nautilus already has this feature built in; take this into consideration when you’re shopping around for one.
The essence of a reporting portal is in giving you a total view of how your business is functioning, what you can improve on, and what you can omit to maximize resources. From a contact center context, a reporting portal should give you important call details like average call time, average hold time, and other significant agent-facing stats. You can also see how your calls are distributed; what day of the week is the busiest, what time of the month you can accommodate some holidays, among other metrics. This in turn lets you plan out your staffing and scheduling.

Call Journey

Imbedded in our Reporting Portal is our call Inbound Call Journey Report. A call journey basically starts when a customer initially finds a way to contact a business. From there, they either call in or send a message, get in touch with an agent, and so on and so forth. The goal is to find resolution at the end of the journey.
Though every customer calls in for a variety of reasons, the goal is always the same. Whether they call in with an inquiry, a sale, or even just a simple hello — the idea remains. For any contact center, this is even more important as its goal is literally that: to provide quality customer service.
What we at Nautilus provide is the whole picture, designed to give you valuable insights to their journey in the hopes of predicting any trends that might come up in the future.

Using the Nautilus Contact Center Solution

You’d want to run a tight ship if you want to take your customer service operations to the next level. That means having a strong line of communication with your clientele, and maintaining a good look at your overall performance on a constant basis. Nautilus provides you the tools above so you can do just that and more!
Our web phone is strong and consistent, relying on Amazon Web Services’ promise of a .99 percent uptime. That means that you will always be connected, especially when it matters. All calls on our web phone are automatically tracked and recorded on our reporting portal, giving you the numbers you need to stay on top of your operations.
Our Reporting Portal is designed so intricately with different sub-tabs that allow you to filter data that matters to you. Do you need numbers regarding your call distribution? We have that. How about agent reports? We have that too!
All these factors (call distribution and agent performance) play a huge role in you offering the best customer service you can give. Staying on top of the trend lets you stay ahead of the pack!

Nautilus Talk

Of the three trends we’ve discussed above (personalized customer experience, automation, and omnichannel), it is the third trend that we find ourselves at a crossroads. The rise of the omnichannel is something that has been brewing for sometime now, and is worth looking into.
With the prominence of the internet came the different channels people choose to communicate with, and as companies came to adopt said channels it became a lot more difficult to keep up. That’s why companies like Zendesk, for example, have designed a solution that allows for all these conversations to take place in one convenient software.
Our Nautilus Talk Solution combines the powers of the Contact Center and Zendesk’s powerful CRM platform. This integration is designed to let you and your team manage all conversations in one safe place. Our web phone works seamlessly with Zendesk’s native omnichannel messaging platform, allowing you to communicate with customers whichever way you want.


Here we are halfway through 2022, and customer service remains an important industry for decades to come. Are you equipped with the right tools to handle all the inquiries that come your way? If you’re here reading this, you are on the right track. Everyone at Nautilus is excited to help you elevate your customer service game. You only need to ask!

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